What if Hannibal Ate Other TV Characters?

The show 'Hannibal' features some of the most visually stunning and enticing food porn on TV. Each dish prepared by the show's antagonist and namesake is done so with some real tender love and care. The only catch, of course, is that we, the audience, know that it's not just any meat in Dr. Lecter's dishes. It's... people!

Sometimes the food Hannibal prepares reflects a quality of his victims and that got us thinking...

What type of food would Hannibal prepare if he ate other TV show characters?

Here are a few meals we envisioned:

Hugo (Hurley) Reyes [LOST]

Dharma Canned Hurley: Can #4815162342

Gus Fring [Breaking Bad]

Deep Fried Gus and Fries: "One taste and you'll know it!"

Mindy Lahiri [The Mindy Project]

The Mindy Special: Some fast-food frankenstein of human burger, nuggets, and fries on a pizza.

Ron Swanson [Parks and Rec]

Swanson Family Dinner: Definitely something from Epic Meal Time like this bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig... in a human. Yeah.

Ned (The Pie-Maker) [Pushing Daisies]

The Ned Meat Pie: A still-beating heart-shaped pie.

Frank Gallagher [Shameless]

Alcoholic diseased liver and onions: 40 proof

Creighton Bernette [Treme]

A gator, crawfish, and human gumbo

Homer Simpson [The Simpsons]

Mmmm.... forbidden donut burger.....

Daenerys Targarean [Game of Thrones]

Targarean Carpaccio: Despite a valiant effort to cook it, this fire-resistant meat will have to be a carpaccio.

Rick Grimes [The Walking Dead]

Creier Pane Zumbi: Live zombie brains. Quite the rare delicacy!


What other suggestions do you have for Dr.Lecter?